1. It is a truth of my crossed view
    And it’s for you


  2. Quit online dating for the umpteenth time
    Not because I think I’ll have better luck “in person”
    But because I don’t think my heart is in the right place
    and that every time in recent months I’ve tried to do it
    I don’t even care enough to really write anybody

    This is all probably related to a general malaise that I feel
    which is why I sort of can’t wait until next Monday
    when my travel ramps up significantly until early June

  3. Two of my favourite people/things in one photograph.

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  4. "Sexy Sesame Street".

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  6. "A really special moment after the game I want to share with you. Tinordi was taking his equipment off and there was a lull after Gionta finished. Price saw the media mass was going to converge on Tinordi about the late-game error. Price says “I’m ready. I’m ready.” He still had his equipment on but he wanted to save his mate from the interview. It worked. We all converged on Price. I was just happy to watch it play out. Some moments are more than a clip so I let Tinordi leave and he did. Price watched him go and then answered the large scrum. The only player in the room, then to Tinordi’s great credit he returned to face tough questions about his gaffe. After Tinordi was finished I returned to Carey, still wrapping up with Ron Reusch. I said to Price, “I saw what you did there, trying to save Jarred.” He simply acknowledged I was right, that he protected his mate but like Carey he said nothing more, never looking for praise. I followed with, “If only the rest of the world supported each other like players and teammates in a locker room stand by each other.” Carey responded, “It would be one hell of an amazing world.” That’s your goalie everyone. That’s a man’s man. That’s a character person. That’s someone to look at and admire and that has nothing to do with stopping a puck."
  7. This is just straight up trolling now.

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  8. Fuck. Yes.

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  9. andreapun:

    photography: andrea pun
    photographer assistants: wailly lai & samuel yan
    styling and props design: sin cheung
    make up: dora chan
    hair: kenneth milk & VSPM
    dress: 1.618 bridal

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    so sick. speaking of sick, my friends are probably sick of listening to me sing G.E.M.’s 泡沫 at box karaoke.

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