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    wow remember when we hadn’t heard shake it off

    that was so yesterday

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  3. DJ set, Tannery Bar, 16 August
    Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor
    2NE1 - I Love You
    Dizzee Rascal - Learn
    Grimes - Nightmusic (feat. Majical Clouds)
    Jessy Lanza - Pull My Hair Back
    Cassie - King of Hearts
    Javiera Mena - Luz de Piedra de Luna
    The Cure - Screw
    Wild Nothing - Midnight Song
    La Sera - Hour of the Dawn
    Teenage Fanclub - What You Do To Me
    Shannon & the Clams - If I Could Count
    Peach Kelli Pop - Original Sin
    Talulah Gosh - Don’t Go Away
    Colleen Green - Heavy Shit
    達明一派 (Tat Ming Pair) - 天花亂墜
    山口百恵 (Momoe Yamaguchi) - イミテイション・ゴールド
    黛ジュン (Jun Mayuzumi) - 恋のハレルヤ
    Brenton Wood - Gimme Little Sign
    Jacques Dutronc - Je Suis Content
    Del Shannon - Runaway
    Girls Aloud - The Promise
    Sky Ferreira - You’re Not the One
    Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk remix)
    The Blow - Fists Up
    Summer Twins - Carefree
    Beach House - Lazuli


  4. DJ’ed tonight for the first time in eighteen months:

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra - FFunny FFriends
    Galaxie 500 - Oblivious
    Hefner - Love Will Destroy Us In The End
    Elvis Costello - New Lace Sleeves
    Billy Bragg - Sexuality
    Vacationes - No Me Digas Que Me Quieres
    Shop Assistants - Caledonian Road
    Serge Gainsbourg - Pauvre Lola
    Marie Laforêt - Mon Amour, Mon Ami
    Nancy Holloway - Prends Tes Clès
    Àdele - J’ai Peu Parfois
    Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - Lady Bird
    Brenda Lee - Is It True?
    Janneke Peper - Over En Over
    Saturday Looks Good To Me - Meet Me By The Water
    Nicola Roberts - Yo-yo
    Purity Ring - Amenamy
    Lorde - 400 Lux
    Javiera Mena - Luz de Piedra de Luna
    Röyksopp - Do It Again (feat. Robyn)
    譚詠麟 (Alan Tam) - 愛情陷阱
    梅艷芳 (Anita Mui) - 壞女孩
    Austra - Habitat
    Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons
    山口百恵 (Momoe Yamaguchi) - 謝肉祭
    Sky Ferreira - I Blame Myself
    Jacques Dutronc - Les Cactus
    Dolly Parton - Don’t Drop Out
    ピンキーとキラーズ (Pinky and Killers) - 恋の季節
    ザ・カーナビーツ (The Carnabeats) - 好きさ好きさ好きさ
    The Bitter Sweets - What A Lonely Way To Start The Summertime
    La Luz - Call Me In The Day
    Taylor Swift - Red
    Soft Boys - Old Pervert
    Lush - Heavenly Nobodies
    Colleen Green - Nice Boy (I Want A)
    George McRae - You Can Have It All
    Gossip - Heavy Cross

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    Happy Friday the 13th… and GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!!

    Art work by: Devin Roth  http://www.dvoart.com/

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    So awesome. Good luck, Kings.

  6. Aww. Tay is so adorable in this!

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    Always reblog.

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  8. so-hockey-eh:

    Bergevin’s reaction to Subban’s OT winner. I hope the Habs win some more so we get more Bergevin reaction shots.

    YES. Need eleven more of these this postseason. Go Habs Go.

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    Joni performing on Show Of The Week on CBC TV in 1968

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    Best picture ever or best picture ever?

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